9 December 2022

Best Beard Trimmer Australia 2022: A Cut Above The Rest

Having a feature-packed beard trimmer to hand in the bathroom is an absolute necessity for Australian men. While some men may want to rock either a full beard or the clean-shaven look, the vast majority will sport some form of facial hair that, understandably, needs to be tamed on a regular basis.

Ensuring you give your beard some regular maintenance can make all the difference between looking completely unkempt or a well-groomed modern gentleman. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up the best beard trimmers in Australia for men to achieve a perfectly polished look.

What to look for in a beard trimmer

Most men wouldn’t know, but there’s actually a lot to consider when buying a beard trimmer besides the price. You need to consider how versatile it can be, what lengths it can cut your beard to and, as with most other pieces of technology, how long the battery will last.

These are the four main factors that will guide you to the best beard trimmer for you:

Length of cut

Most beard trimmers should include adjustable length settings these days. The incremental levels of adjustment usually increase (become more precise) with the price and are more suited to the discerning bearded man who knows and wants an exacting beard/stubble length every time.

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Know your own beard (long, medium, short, stubble) and choose your trimmer accordingly. An expensive trimmer with 25 length settings is pointless if you’re just using the short 0.5mm stubble setting every time; a cheaper one can do the same job.

Some beard trimmers will make it easy to make length adjustments, while some others will come with various guards you need to switch out. If you travel regularly, the former option will no doubt be more beneficial.

Cord or cordless?

Most beard trimmers on the market come with the convenience of both a cord and cordless option. The vast majority will have a rechargeable battery built-in and a charging port, so you can easily use it at home and when travelling. You may occasionally find some beard trimmers will be cordless only, and these will need to have their batteries replaced.

A cordless beard trimmer, which comes with its own charging station provides the best of both worlds. It will however take up a bit more luggage space (unless you charge it fully before you travel). Also note, avoid those with built-in Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries as these have a shorter charging life span than a lithium-ion battery. After extensive use and charge cycles, you’ll find that some with built-in Ni-Cd batteries will last 30 seconds before they’re flat; AKA horrible battery life.


Some beard trimmers can be multi-purpose body trimmers and groomers, so make sure you know what you want to use it for, as the accompanying attachments could be for shaving heads or other regions other than the soft contours of the face. We don’t recommend you use one trimmer for your whole body. If you want to trim body hair, we suggest you invest in a dedicated body groomer.


One of the most overlooked areas is their ease of cleaning. Some of the most advanced beard trimmers today have built-in vacuums which are designed to suck up the loose beard hair as it is being cut. This makes for the ultimate in trimming leaving close to zero mess and quick disposal.

Other features to look out for include, a pop-out head for easy cleaning, water resistant or waterproofing for quick cleaning and use in the shower if you wish, and add-ons for other facial hair like nose and ear hair detailing. Also, take note of what the blades are made of. Stainless steel blades are cheap but will blunt quicker than titanium coated blades. If you go stainless, it just means you’ll need to lubricate the blades more often to prevent a dull trim

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