5 December 2022

Daniel Ricciardo Spotted With A Sneaky ‘Off-Catalogue’ Patek Philippe Watch

We always knew Daniel Ricciardo was a bit of a watch guy – but it turns out he’s actually a Patek Philippe VIP.

The affable Australian Formula 1 driver – who’s been enjoying a bit of sightseeing in Tokyo ahead of the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka this weekend – has been spotted rocking a rather special Patek Philippe Nautilus ‘Ruby’ (ref. 5711/112P) whilst out for dinner with former F1 driver Felipe Massa.

As we’ve mentioned above, it’s an ‘off-catalogue’ model, meaning that it’s a model that’s not officially listed anywhere on Patek Philippe’s website or on display in boutiques. This is a rare and exclusive watch that’s only offered or available to Patek’s most important (or biggest spending) customers.

This eye-catching rendition of Patek’s famous luxury sports watch features a platinum case and integrated bracelet; 44 baguette-cut rubies (32 set in the bezel and 12 as hour markers) and a black gradient dial. Patek only make a few of these a year, so it’s exceptionally rare. Sneaky move, Ricciardo.

Images: @danielricciardo / JamesEdition

Danny Ric is lowkey one of Patek’s biggest customers. Not only does he own another Nautilus on top of this one (a rose gold chronograph model) but he also owns a rather lavish Grand Complications ref. 5271P-001, also in platinum. Must be nice.

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It’s interesting as when he’s on duty as a McLaren driver, Danny Ric wears one of a number of Richard Mille models – well, he’s contractually obliged to. Most watch fans, regardless of millionaire status, would be more than happy to wear a ‘Millie’… But ‘The Honey Badger’ isn’t your average watch fan.

Check out what other watches F1 drivers (including Ricciardo) wear when they’re ‘off-duty’ below.

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