Fire at the Albanian Parliament sparked from flares used by opposition during vote on budget

Albanian opposition lawmakers disrupted a parliamentary session on Monday, protesting against the governing Socialists' perceived authoritarian rule. During the vote on next year's budget, they lit flares and stacked chairs in the hall as Prime Minister Edi Rama arrived. A bodyguard cordon prevented them from approaching the Cabinet seats. The Socialist Party, holding 73 of the 140 parliamentary seats, quickly voted in principle and ended the session within five minutes. A debate on individual budget items is expected later in the week. The opposition, aiming to establish investigative commissions to examine alleged corruption involving Rama and other officials, extinguished a small fire caused by one of the flares. The Socialists contend that the opposition's demands are unconstitutional. Opposition lawmaker Gazmend Bardhi insisted they would hinder normal parliamentary proceedings, while Bledi Cuci of the Socialists highlighted the approval of the largest budget since their 2013 ascension to power. More news on: Watch the latest breaking news available 24/7 on Euronews. ▶︎ Subscribe to our channel to follow the latest news: ▶︎ Watch Euronews Live in different languages on Youtube:
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