Gaza hospitals on the brink of collapse | The Take

As Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip shows no signs of abating, humanitarian organizations warn of an imminent and total collapse of Gaza’s healthcare system.  In this episode: 
Dr. Tanya Haj-Hassan, Pediatric Intensive Care and Humanitarian Doctor, Médecins Sans Frontières Episode credits:
This episode was produced by Sonia Bhagat, Chloe K. Li and our host Natasha Del Toro, in for Malika Bilal. Fahrinisa Campana fact-checked this episode. Our sound designer is Alex Roldan. Our lead of audience development and engagement is Aya Elmileik and Adam Abou-Gad is our engagement producer. Alexandra Locke is The Take’s executive producer, and Ney Alvarez is Al Jazeera's head of audio.
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