Gifts For Men – 5 Foolproof Gift Exchange Ideas

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The holidays can be an overwhelming time of year, especially if you’re shopping for your husband or brother, or son — men are notoriously difficult to shop for. You don’t want to get them something they’ll just toss aside, but you also don’t want to spend $100 on something they probably won’t even like. Here are five foolproof gift exchange ideas that every man will love!

Best Overall Gift Idea

Gift cards are incredibly popular and can be used to purchase just about anything. Many people consider them a safe gift because you don’t have to worry about giving an ugly tie or getting something that they already have. Gift cards are so easy to find. You can often find them in grocery or retail stores, or even purchase online and send via email. You may want to purchase gift cards from his favourite stores like clothing, shoes, or home improvement. Or you can purchase a gift card to places like Amazon. This gift will be appreciated by the recipient because everyone could use an extra $10-30 to snag some good stuff.

Alcohol as a Present

A lot of men like receiving alcohol as a gift. It’s something they typically enjoy but is often off-limits because it’s not appropriate for gifting to most people. While white elephant exchanges are great for kids and girls, they aren’t so great for grown men or women. If you need some last-minute ideas or would rather give something with longevity than something useless, consider alcohol as a present. With so many options available — from whiskey to Scotch to wine — it can be hard to choose just one bottle. But whatever you choose will be well-received all year long!

Consider a Subscription Service

If you’re not sure what to get him, a subscription service is one of our foolproof gift exchange ideas. Some of our favourites include beer from small craft breweries, coffee from around the world, and magazines from niche interest areas. While it may be hard to pick out exactly what your guy wants off-the-bat, he can let you know which items are his favourites when they arrive! It will be especially rewarding if he can sign up for something with recurring shipments so you don’t have to worry about running out!

Give Him Something He Can Use Everyday

If you have a coworker or significant other who is hard to shop for, give him something he can use every day. A practical gift is one that someone will get use even if they don’t necessarily want it. By giving your guy something he can use every day, you’re giving him a reason to smile every time he uses it—plus, you’ll get points for being practical and helpful! Here are a few good ideas for a good practical gift: these grips from Lizard Skins for your gamer, shower essentials for your traveller, electric toothbrush, laptop charger, office mug warmer, and even this cool rope bracelet to accessorize.

Cigars – The Classic Manly Food

Smoking isn’t for everyone, but if your dad, husband, or brother is a cigar aficionado, you can’t go wrong with a box of his favorite stogies. If you want to make sure that you find out what brand he prefers before heading to your local tobacconist, try Googling favourite cigars. Use keywords like top-rated and most popular so that you know you’re not wasting money on sub-par products. You can also ask around at cigar shops or even online communities to see what kind of cigars are most popular among members.


Whether it’s for your brother, boyfriend, or even father, finding gifts for men can be difficult, but these ideas should help you get started with finding a foolproof gift.

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