Grindavik turned ghost town still facing threat of volcanic eruption and possible lava flow

Residents in southwest Iceland evacuated their homes over the weekend due to the potential eruption of a volcano under the Reykjanes peninsula. Civil protection authorities warn it might be months before those evacuated from the danger zone can return. The nearby town of Grindavik was evacuated a week earlier following underground magma movement and thousands of tremors, resulting in a jagged crack and ground upheavals of over 1 meter. The Icelandic Meteorological Office indicates a "significant likelihood" of an eruption, with the most probable location being north of Grindavik. The Reykjanes Peninsula's volcanic system, which had been dormant for 800 years, has already erupted three times since 2021, although previous eruptions in remote valleys caused no damage. Watch the latest breaking news available 24/7 on Euronews: ▶︎ Subscribe to our channel to follow the latest news: ▶︎ Watch Euronews Live in different languages on Youtube:
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