How ‘Mike Tyson Push-Ups’ Train Your Whole Body With One Brutal Movement

Here’s the move that boxing’s GOAT added to his fitness regime to train every part of his body in one punishing movement. We detail its ancient past and how to perform it.

You only need to take one good look at Mike Tyson or his beastly new protege Francis Ngannou to know that he’s pretty handy in the gym as well as the ring. This week, we’ve discovered one of Tyson’s favourite moves: drawn from ancient Indian traditions, it burns every muscle group in a single, game-changing movement.

After a viral video spread across the internet of the legendary boxer performing this move, they’ve been added to the training regimen of amateur gym rats and professional athletes around the world. Supposedly drawing on the ancient Indian ‘dand’ or ‘Hindu Push Up’, here’s how to perform them and all the benefits you can expect…

WATCH: Here’s how to perform this burning bodyweight exercise, with thanks to Fit Blueprint…

What Is a Mike Tyson Push-Up?

As above, these push-ups share some similarities with ‘Hindu push-ups’ — involving strong forward and backward movements — integrated with the traditional up-and-down motion associated with regular push-ups. However, our friends at Vitalised Future help explain the key difference…

What sets them apart is the positioning of your feet: Instead of resting them on the floor behind you as in standard push-ups, you plant them flat against a wall behind you. This allows you to execute a squat-like movement at the apex of your push-up, akin to a horizontal squat against the wall.

The challenge lies in controlling this movement with your core before returning to the starting position. Mastering the Mike Tyson push-up is no easy feat, but the results are worth the effort.

What Muscles Do Mike Tyson Push-Ups Work?

Mike Tyson push-ups are a full-body workout in disguise. While they primarily target the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core, they also put significant strain on your quadriceps too. Thanks to its dynamic range of motion, this exercise calls upon a wide multitude of muscle groups.

This exercise not only builds muscle strength and endurance but also elevates your cardiovascular fitness.

Tyson was renowned for training harder than any of his opponents. Image: Brawl Bros
The Benefits of Mike Tyson Push-Ups
A Leg Workout Surprise

While traditional push-ups predominantly focus on the upper body, Mike Tyson push-ups shine a spotlight on your legs, particularly the quads. The squat-like movement against your wall of choice engages your legs, providing a refreshing lower-body workout in addition to the wholly expected upper-body burn.

A Challenge for Seasoned Fitness Enthusiasts

If you’ve been breezing through standard push-ups, it might be time to up the ante. Mike Tyson push-ups offer a refreshing challenge, working your muscles in a different manner and adding oft-overlooked cardiovascular fitness to your routine.

How To Do Mike Tyson Push-Ups Begin in a push-up position with your feet flat against the wall and your toes touching the floor.
Bend your legs and push your glutes backward, mimicking a squat.
Move yourself forward until your shoulders, elbows, and wrists align.
Lower your chest towards the ground, executing a standard push-up.
Engage your core to decelerate your upper body’s descent, preventing it from touching the ground.
Push yourself back up to the starting position.
Repeat all steps for your preferred number of reps and sets.

If you want to look like Tyson, perform like Tyson or — ideally — do both, then you have to train as hard and fast as he did. This punishing push-up variation could be your first step towards greatness.

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