Men’s Dress Code Guide – Relaxed Outfits for a Daytime Game

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Everyday style is an essential part of modern trends. Clothes of this direction can not be called thoughtless, as even with a significant degree of seriousness, it remains comfortable. Of course, the everyday style can change depending on the lifestyle and hobbies of each person, but there are some common traits. In our article, we will tell you how to dress in the style of casual.

Style Features

The casual style was created for active, mobile, and always hurrying people. The main principle of this direction is simplicity and convenience. Casual style has a lot in common with urban, as it implies freedom of expression too. It does not have any prohibitions on the choice of clothes, the concept of compatibility of the inappropriate also applies here. So, you can wear jeans with a jacket or a shirt with sneakers. Despite this, all the images in everyday style look very harmonious if the elements are selected correctly.

Basic elements of clothing;


Denim trousers are one of the main and most popular elements in the everyday wardrobe of any person, woman, or man. This type of trousers is considered universal and very practical, the advantages of denim can be enumerated endlessly. The casual look, which includes jeans, can be easily combined with various types of tops, but most people prefer to wear jeans with simple T-shirts or polo. Nowadays most of the models have a straight silhouette, as it is comfortable and goes well with most types of clothing. Casual can include jeans in various colours, including classic blue, brown, grey. If you want to create an image for a walk or a friendly party, ripped jeans will be a good choice.

business casual jeans


A sweatshirt is a jacket that is considered one of the most comfortable. This item of clothing is a real symbol of everyday style. Sweatshirts can be heated, their bottom layer can be fleece fabric. Sweatshirts with a hood are considered quite widespread, as these models are very warm and practical. In cool weather, it will protect your ears from the cold and wind, and special clips will allow you to fix the hood on your head. Sweatshirts with pockets are also popular. Most models of it do not have a lock, but they are easy to put on thanks to the wide neck. In warmer weather, the sweatshirt can be replaced with a long sleeve. Usually, they are made of natural cotton, which makes them quite practical and wear-resistant. Both types of sweatshirts are characterized by the presence of prints. Monochrome things of this type are very rare. Various inscriptions and drawings are used as prints and can be completely different and unpredictable.

Fendi sweatshirt


For many men, a shirt Polo Ralph Lauren is an element of classic style, as usually they are worn under a jacket or with a vest, but the casual style is also characterized by their presence. Of course, casual shirts are very different from items designed for an office. Most often, casual-style shirts have a loose fit and bright colours, but such models can be used as office clothes. By the way, no one cancelled the presence of prints, small and covering the whole thing are possible. Casual shirts are best combined with jeans or summer trousers, so a short-sleeve shirt can be worn with breeches or shorts. If you want to create a more relaxed look with a shirt, put on a long shirt and tie its ends together. The shirt can be worn as one, or over a T-shirt. Layering is also a distinctive feature of everyday style.

ralph lauren shirt

Trousers and breeches

Trousers are one of the favourite elements of men’s clothing and also can relate to business casual. But in everyday style, we are not talking about strict trousers with arrows. So, light trousers made of various types of materials characterize the casual style. Cotton or linen trousers are perfect for summer. These two materials are the most practical and comfortable, and trousers made of them are not afraid of frequent washing and ironing. An excellent alternative to long trousers in hot summer weather is breeches. Often, denser fabrics are used for the manufacture of them. So, trousers are a good alternative for jeans, especially in hot weather: trousers let in the air better, the body does not sweat and remains cool. Light summer trousers in casual style can be with an elastic band and a drawstring or with a zipper. The second option is considered more strict and suitable for the office.


A sweater for a man is an indispensable thing in cool weather, and it is also a basic element of everyday style. This item can have many styles and colours. To create a casual look in which you can appear in the office, use jeans in dark colours and a plain sweater in pastel shades. Depending on your preferences, you can choose sweaters with a high collar or with a regular neck. The first option is warmer, but statistics show that most often men choose the second option of a sweater. A popular variant of the sweater is also a model with a lock. Also instead of a sweater, you can choose an excellent knitted turtleneck, they are made of a thinner material, so they can be worn under a jacket.


Many people associate them with a strict classical image for businessmen. As already mentioned, such jackets are simply unacceptable for an everyday look. That is why designers create a special line of jackets, which is considered one of the most stylish things, and an everyday look can not do without them. A casual jacket looks great with jeans. Usually, a casual jacket has a shortened silhouette and only one button. As decorative elements, there are patches on the elbows, different stylish applications, and emblems. The colour of jackets can be absolutely any, as it all depends on the occasion for which the jacket is selected. For example, for a party with friends a jacket of bright shades is well suited.

gucci jacket men

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