28 September 2022

Mile High Hack ‘To Get 3 Drinks On An Airplane’

Most US domestic flights – no matter the airline – give passengers one free drink during the trip. However, a TikTok influencer has shared a hack that will get you more than one drink for free…

Whenever flying in economy class – which most of us do, as it’s the only option us peasants can afford – flight attendants can be pretty stingy with drinks. In fact, most airlines, when flying domestically in the US, only give out one free beverage to each passenger.

But TikTok has provided travellers everywhere with a brilliant ploy that’ll get you more than one (for free, of course) during a single flight… YouTuber and TikTok influencer Ali Spagnola posted a video on the social media platform and captioned it with, “Giving away my mile high hack.”

WATCH: Ali’s “hack” that gets you more than one drink during a flight…

And in the video, Ali explains her hack: “Here’s a hack to get three drinks on an airplane when they only usually serve one. Order just one Irish coffee. That’s Baileys, whiskey and coffee. Cheers.”

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The footage shows Ali pouring a tiny airplane-sized bottle of Baileys and whiskey into a cup of coffee before cutting to her smiling. Clearly, Ali is pleased with herself for cheating the system and getting two alcoholic drinks plus another non-alcoholic drink for free during her flight.

Many were amazed by Ali’s trick, with one TikTok user commenting, “This is the best airplane hack ever.”

However, many were disgusted that Ali got a cup of coffee as seasoned travellers all know that the water tanks planes use to make coffee are rarely cleaned. One TikTok user wrote, “You’re drinking coffee on an airplane. I’m an airline mechanic and would never ever do that. That’s so fucking gross. That water is nasty,” while another commented, “NOT THE PLANE WATER”.

When you realise you can tip a flight attendant. Image Credit: NBC

TikTok user @McClintToker offered an alternative method to get more than one free drink during a flight in the comment section on Ali’s video though. They wrote, “Just tip them well the first time and behave…they will bring you anything!”

Presumably, “them” means the flight attendants, right? We feel like Jerry Seinfeld – who regularly throughout the beloved sitcom doesn’t know who and how much to tip different people – at this revelation. You can tip flight attendants; who knew?

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