OnlyFans Model Renee Gracie Celebrates GT Title But Her Unique Audi R8 Steals The Show

Renee Gracie, an Australian race car driver who left motorsport to launch an OnlyFans career, has won her first major GT title after putting the jumpsuit back following a six-year hiatus. But her car’s unique livery shows she’s not entirely ready to give up the content website just yet…

A year ago, Renee Gracie’s OnlyFans career was her only priority, earning as much as $500,000 a month after switching to the adult subscription site from a fledgling racing career.

As a young up-and-coming racecar driver, Gracie would’ve dreamt of securing GT titles but quit the sport at age 23 due to the toxic male environment she experienced, claiming she was treated differently simply because she was a woman.

“Everyone who knew me and knew how hard I worked and how hard I really wanted to be something in racing in Australia,” Gracie revealed to TMZ. “[But] when I was a female… it was how I looked and making sure I didn’t gain weight and it was just so much stuff other than racing.”

But this year Gracie returned to the asphalt, hoping to rediscover her lost love of racing. After achieving significant success selling her content on OnlyFans, the Queensland native secured a groundbreaking sponsorship deal that caused much controversy in the paddock, prominently featuring the content-sharing site as the primary sponsor for her racing car.

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It’s only fitting, when you consider Gracie is making millions from her OnlyFans content, that this lucrative partnership would continue as she takes to the track once again.

Her Audi R8 was completely covered from boot to bonnet in OnlyFans branding… it even had a QR code that linked to her personal profile, although she wasn’t able to race with that detail.

Renee Gracie’s Audi R8 was covered in OnlyFans branding. Image: @onlyfansreneegracie

Motorsport Australia, the sport’s governing body, lodged formal complaints against the young female driver’s sponsors, calling it a “publicity stunt”, but Gracie continued to race. Although she got off to a shaky start, her first season back in motorsport has been promising, securing her maiden GT title, the Australian GT Trophy Series, at her first attempt.

The 28-year-old has set her sights on loftier goals within racing moving up to the GT4 division this month, and she plans to keep turning heads in the process.

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