6 December 2022

Podcast: Is it OK to eat fish if you love the ocean? We ask sustainability experts

Certified organic, dolphin-safe, line caught, or MSC certified? The labels on fish products being sold in Europe can be confusing, so how do you decide which is the most sustainable choice? In this episode of Ocean Calls, we're fishing for the real story behind those labels on packaging and marketing slogans. Euronews science reporter Jeremy Wilks asks Manuel Barange, the director of the United Nations’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Division at the Food and Agriculture Organization, and Vanya Vulperhorst, the European campaign director for Illegal Fishing and Transparency at the conservation organisation Oceana, if it's OK to eat fish if you love the ocean. Oscar-winning documentary director and self-confessed 'Antarctica addict' Luc Jacquet also tells us about his favourite marine species. Hosted by Jeremy Wilks. Produced by Naira Davlashyan and Natalia Oelsner. Editing is by Lory Martinez, Chiara Santella and Luis Lopez from Studio Ochenta. The theme music is by Gabriel Dalmasso. Our editor-in-chief is Sophie Claudet. For more from Luc Jacquet go to Icebreaker Studios. Follow Oceana Europe to learn more about Vanya Vulperhorst’s work. And UN FAO's Fisheries & Aquaculture for Manuel Barange. Ocean Calls is made possible by the European Commission's DG MARE. 🔊 Listen to all episodes on your favourite podcast app: https://linktr.ee/oceancalls #OceanCalls —————————————————————————- Join this channel to get access to perks:
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