Qatar mediating release of 10-15 captives for short ceasefire: Report

Qatar is mediating between Israel and Hamas for the potential release of 10-15 captives in exchange for a short ceasefire, AFP reports. “Negotiations mediated by the Qataris in coordination with the US are ongoing to secure the release of 10-15 hostages in exchange for a one- to two-day ceasefire,” an anonymous source told the news agency. Qatar has been a key player in talks securing the release of an estimated 240 captives held by Hamas, and most recently negotiated the handover of four hostages. “This is great news. It comes after communication between Washington and Tel Aviv over the last 48 hours. I think there was a huge effort by the Americans when it comes to the hostages,” said researcher Mahjoob Zweiri from Qatar University. “A few days ago there was an effort to release 12 people but there was a complication. If this happens, that will be a good start for facilitating more releases of those foreigners.” Subscribe to our channel Follow us on Twitter Find us on Facebook Check our website: Check out our Instagram page: Download AJE Mobile App: #Qatar #QatarDiplomacy #Palestine #Gaza #Israel #IsraelGazaWar #IsraelHamasWar #GazaWar #Hamas #AbductedIsraelis #IsraeliCaptives #AlQassamBrigades #GazaCeasefire
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