Travellers Selling Their Homes To Board ‘Cruise That Never Ends’ For $120,000 Per Year

Life at Sea Cruises has unveiled an unprecedented ‘cruise that never ends’, allowing passengers to embark on an endless journey across the globe for ‘only’ $120,000 AUD per year…

From the world’s largest cruise ship to the world’s biggest naked cruise, we thought we’d seen it all when it came to holidaying on the high seas. However, the introduction of a new cruise that never ends has taken the title of strangest maritime travel option…

Set to commence this November, Life at Sea Cruises had already made headlines for charting a course for the world’s first-ever three-year round-the-world cruise, wherein passengers can hop on board at any point along the ever-evolving itinerary.

However, they have now announced that they are extending this cruise indefinitely, introducing major new destinations in year four. These include the enigmatic Easter Island, the opulence of Dubai, and the rich tapestry of India, as reported by CNN.

WATCH: The world’s largest cruise ship is ready to set sail.

An Array of Starting Points

Life at Sea Cruises claims their product is all about flexibility. In the inaugural year, there will be seven potential starting locations, offering passengers choices that suit their preferences. Whether you yearn for the vibrant energy of Istanbul, the cultural allure of Barcelona, the tropical paradise of the Bahamas, or the carnival spirit of Rio de Janeiro, your adventure begins where you desire.

Capacity and Amenities

While the ship has the capacity to carry up to 1,400 passengers, Life at Sea Cruises is committed to maintaining an 85% occupancy rate. This ensures an intimate and comfortable experience for all passengers on board, avoiding the overcrowded feeling that can all too often make cruises feel a little claustrophobic.

But it’s not just about the journey; it’s about the experiences. The cruise line is introducing a unique “Dive Around the World” program, complete with an on-board dive shop and opportunities for scuba certification. Passionate about marine conservation? You can also take part in ocean clean-up initiatives and coral propagation efforts during your voyage.

Here’s what a day on deck could look like. Image: Life At Sea.
Accessible Luxury?

Life At Sea claims that one of the most appealing aspects of this extraordinary cruise is its affordability. While tickets may include on-board healthcare, this doesn’t do much to negate the fact that — according to their own website — start at “only $77,026 per year (~$120,500 AUD) based on double occupancy”. Solo travellers have to pay an additional 85% on top of this…

While this may seem expensive, CEO Kendra Holmes claims that some people were so keen to get aboard that they sold their homes as a means of raising cash and committing to life at sea. Speaking to Entrepreneur, she said this:

“Once the ship was announced in May there were a lot of people who wanted to come, but November was too soon to sell their homes, make plans and pack up their lives.”

Kendra Holmes

A Journey of Surprises

The voyage hasn’t been without its challenges. A change in leadership and a legal dispute during the project’s development initially caused confusion. However, it seems that the allure of the ‘Cruise That Never Ends’ was too compelling to resist…

Now that legal issues are out of the way, bookings have soared, surpassing original projections by huge margins and making this extended cruise a highly sought-after option for those seeking long-term adventure or a chance to escape landlubber life once and for all…

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