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Uomoelegante is a completely free service of Montecristo International managed and controlled to the best of its ability.


Montecristo International, intends to bring to knowledge that the use of its service, provided as it is, is at total risk of the users and therefore does not guarantee that:

1) the service offered meets your needs and expectations;
2) the service may be error-free or may not have unforeseeable operating errors;
3) the quality of the products, services and information will meet your requirements;
4) any errors in the software are promptly corrected.


All material on this site is taken from the web or other media.
Any material downloaded or obtained from www.uomoelegante.it is chosen at your discretion, so you will be responsible for any damage or loss of data on your device due to the download of such material.
In addition, since the technology used by uomoelegante.it to search for information on the Internet, automatically generates results and links, Montecristo International does not guarantee the quality of the content of each area.
Some of the material could in fact be addressed to an adult audience or could be considered in bad taste and in the impossibility to supervise the computerized searches, Montecristo International does not assume any responsibility on the information received by the users.
The news enter in the system of Uomoelegante in an automatic way, with the help of an algorithm and since there is no possibility to develop a system that decides whether or not a text violates the rights of someone, Uomoelegante assumes no responsibility for the content of such news. In case of articles that the user considers harmful to anyone’s rights (illicit content, obvious lies, slander, reasons of respect to the deceased, etc.) send us a message and in case of just cause, we will remove the article within 24 hours from the report.


We respect all the norms on copyright, copyright and other in matter, we propose to illustrate in the site images and photos justified by the notoriety and by the public office covered, by cultural purposes, events and ceremonies of public interest or developed in public. In respect of this, no portrait or image may be marketed without written or implicit authorization of the person portrayed, whether known or not.
The system is fed by an automatic aggregator and displays the news collected by it. The news come from the most reliable news portals that have published their Rich Site Summaries. Uomoelegante does not develop its own contents and the news come only and exclusively from those sources highlighted by appropriate links and tags.
For any reliable request of deletion of material that is contrary to copyright laws, it will be enough to write us through the contact form of the site.
Uomoelegante.it is a trademark belonging to Montecristo International – Tallin (Estonia).

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