Are Veterinarians Part of the Insanity?

In trying to taker my dog to a Vet, I have encounter unbelievable arrogance and stupidity. Now, still, 9 out of 10 will not allow you to bring your pet inside. You have to call them from a numbered parking spot and then they come out and take your pet. You have to wait in the car. I lost my cool by the 3rd one. They said they are trying to keep themselves safe. I simply lost it. I can go into a doctor’s office anywhere. I may have to put on a mask, but at least I can walk in a see a doctor. For these vets to still cling to the old decrees of Fauci is unbelievable. I simply refused to do business with them and I hope everyone else does the same. It is this stupidity that has ruined the country and as medical professionals, there is NO EXCUSE. Even when I went to the dentist they were joking that the common cold is a coronavirus and they cannot cure that either. The survival rate is also over 99%. They are a disgrace to their profession.



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