BACK-UP – More than words: what next for brand purposes?

The world is changing, upended by the global pandemic, political and economic shocks and continuing social unrest. Consumers are more aware than ever of environmental threats and social injustice, with issues gaining prominence through movements such as Black Lives Matter and #MeToo. For brands, it's brought their roles in wider society into sharp focus. Having a brand purpose was something that, for many companies, was little more than words. Now, things like transparency, creating responsible and sustainable supply chains and having a diverse workforce have never been so important to consumers. They want to see tangible actions by brands, and for there to be evidence of commitments throughout their ecosystem. It's not just about selling things now, it's about having a demonstrable moral purpose. What does this mean for the relationship between consumers and brands in a post-pandemic world? How can companies define and realise their brand purpose? What exactly will customers expect going forward? How are sectors adapting to meet the growing demands and expectations? How can they build trust and meaningfulness? And where does innovation and new technologies come into all of this? Subscribe to our channel:
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