6 December 2022

Ben Affleck’s $2,000 Nikes Suggest He’s A Sneaky Sneakerhead

Ben Affleck’s probably the last guy you’d expect would be into sneakers – but it turns out the famously style-adverse actor is into his streetwear, as his latest outfit suggests.

The 50-year-old Hollywood heavyweight was spotted at a costume shop on the weekend (doing some early Halloween shopping, we guess) with his stepkids, looking typically ‘normcore’ in a blue military shirt over a white t-shirt and some dark jeans – so far, so Affleck – but with a pair of Nike x Fragment x Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low sneakers on his feet.

It’s an uncharacteristically stylish move from a man who normally gives off strong divorced dad vibes with his outfits… As well as a rather lavish one. These sneakers regularly sell on aftermarket sites like StockX and eBay Sneakers for well over $2,000.

Looks like hanging out with his fashionable stepkids has made him up his style game.

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A three-way collaboration between sportswear giant Nike, cult designer Hiroshi Fujiwara’s hyped imprint Fragment Design and big-name Houston rapper Travis Scott, these basketball sneakers rank as one of the most desirable pairs of shoes on the planet… As well as one of the most counterfeited.

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This isn’t the first time Affleck’s worn Travis Scott sneakers, either. Last month he was also spotted wearing a similarly pricy pair of Cactus Jack x Dior B713 sneakers. Maybe he’s a big hip-hop fan?

Affleck’s also reportedly writing an as-of-yet untitled film about Nike, where he’s also set to direct as well as play Phil Knight, Nike’s billionaire co-founder. According to IMDB, it will follow the history of shoe salesman Sonny Vaccaro and how he helped Nike sign Michael Jordan. Matt Damon is a co-writer, and stars like Viola Davis and Jason Batemen are also on board.

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