Budget Friendly Trends to Follow This Summer

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Summer can be a challenging time of year for men when it comes to fashion. Rising temperatures mean that the urge to look good must be balanced by the need to feel comfortable and cool.

Sometimes it seems as if there is no way of getting both things right without spending a fortune on seasonal clothes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are affordable fashion trends you can pick up on that will help you to look stylish rather than sweaty.

To learn more about budget-friendly summer looks, keep reading. Here are some Summer Clothing Trends.

Short sets

What could be better than finding a complete summer outfit in one place? That is what matching short sets offer and is one reason why so many men are buying them for summer 2023.

matching short sets

Another is the fact that they look bold, bright and attention-grabbing. The shorts and crewneck t-shirt or sweatshirt combinations come with fantastic graphic logos and sharp colours.

After all, nobody wants to blend into the background.

Short-sleeved shirt styles

A short-sleeved shirt should be an essential part of every man’s hot-weather wardrobe. It prevents unsightly stickiness by letting you get plenty of air to your skin and it looks great too.

A simple white shirt from somewhere like Arket will offer you stylish simplicity, but maybe you prefer a little more contrast. In that case, try a slim-fitting striped Cuban collar shirt worn with chinos or jeans and sneakers.

short sleeved shirt

short sleeved shirt by Lululemon


No man should be wearing a joke t-shirt these days and single-colour ones can be a little drab. The male fashion trend heading towards summer is for either a dynamic multicoloured graphic design or something streamlined like stripes.

Guess t-shirt

T-Shirt by Guess

This can be matched with knee-length shorts or flare pants and accessorized with shades for the best effect.

Ways of Getting Summer Clothes for Less

Now you know what you should be wearing. So how can you get them without breaking the bank?

Shop around for discounts

It is worth taking time to browse around, both online and on the high street, to find good offers. Some places provide discounts if you buy multiple items, which can let you fill out your summer wardrobe and still keep costs down.

Pick the right times to buy

Shopping for clothes on a budget is all about buying at the right time rather than the wrong one. A lot of stores will have sales to clear items at certain times of the year and that is when you can pick up good, stylish clothes for less cash.

Check out the thrift stores

You may be thinking that thrift stores only have old stuff, but you can find timeless men’s summer clothing there for a lot less. A white shirt is something that never goes out of fashion, as are blazers, and there is a good chance you can find intriguing ones in a thrift store.

Why Budgeting is Important

It can be tempting to say “screw the cost” and just spend, but here is why budgeting is important

  • Extra money

If you blow all of your cash on clothes and get into debt, you will not have any left for going out. That will make the whole exercise a bit pointless.

Clothes need to be one part of your ‘fun budget’ rather than consuming all of it.

  • Summer expenses

We all go out a lot more during the summer months which means travel costs, drinks etc. It is an expensive time of the year so setting a strict summer budget will be essential if you do not want to find yourself short of money for the essentials like food, bills and rent.

Summer does not have to be a problem for men. Work out an affordable budget for clothes and zero in on your favoured menswear trends.

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