Canada election: Has Trudeau’s gamble backfired? | The Stream

The pressure is on for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as Canada prepares for upcoming federal elections. Enjoying high public approval for his pandemic control measures, Trudeau called for a snap election two years ahead of schedule. But the move appears to have backfired, causing his popularity to plummet in the polls and the opposition Conservative Party to make gains. The results of the election will come at a critical time for Canada, with the economy, climate change and COVID-19 at the top of voters' minds. For some Canadians, whether candidates follow through with pledges to honor Indigenous reconciliation is also top of mind. This comes after the discovery of hundreds of Indigenous children’s bodies in unmarked graves at former residential school sites in Canada this year. In this episode of The Stream we ask, will Trudeau survive Canada's upcoming snap election? Join the conversation: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Subscribe to our channel #aljazeeraenglish
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