Carl Friedrick – Luxury Travel Luggage Review

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Four are the fundamental pillars of luggage, a primary design that introduced even more ingenious elements of functionality. Lightweight construction, style and technology applied to control for ease moving the streets of Europe or in this case Venice, Italy.


I always judge people by their luggage style. With Carl Friedrick, I boost confidence when walking around Venice.

The Check-in Large grey polycarbonate suitcase Carl Friedrick Travel (1)

Whilst in Venice I decided to put all four elements to the test. Venice is all about walking and appreciating this open-air museum. It is also the city which uses the most suitcases regarding travel and moving items around. Venice is about strutting in style and making sure you are noticed.

Venice carldrick check in luggage

Four Hundred Bridges

When walking around Venice you need a robust but elegant travel case. It is important that the suitcase is made with lightweight polycarbonate, in mind. There are 400 bridges, that connects the city of Venice to the mainland. It’s taxing on the body and it is hard going moving around to your Airbnb, hotel or friends palazzo.

Carl Friednrick suitcase

I like the double leather handle as when I have to pick up the suitcase it balances both me and the luggage.

The Check-in Large grey polycarbonate suitcase Carl Friedrick Travel (4)

Stylish Whist Walking

The pebble stones can be harsh on the suitcase so it’s important that an aluminium lock frame stays in place so my clothing and accessories are not compromisedcarldrick check in luggage.

Fine Leather Detailing

This leather trimming is why this Check-In luggage stands out. It also gives a very luxurious finish and message to the overall style of the suitcase. So when I was checking in to this newly refurbed contemporary Palazzo in Venice. I was proud and confident I matched the Venetian interior design, thanks to Carl Friedrick.

The Check-in Large grey polycarbonate suitcase Carl Friedrick Travel (4) The Check-in Large grey polycarbonate suitcase Carl Friedrick Travel (4)

The Check-in Large Grey Polycarbonate Suitcase

I like to pack many accessories so the large zipped compartment on one side, with two zip pockets. Allows me to put my valuable items in place and they are secure.

For my shoes, leather jackets I like the open compartment on the other side with compression straps. So when I open the luggage it ensures my clothing stays put. The two small zip pockets are added storage for my jewellery and smaller items that I want to secure.

storage Carl Friedrick suitcase


Width 44.5cm (17.5 inches)
Height 65cm (25.6inches)
Depth 27cm (10.6 inches)
Weight 4.5kg (9.9lbs)
Volume 65.8L

The Check-in Large grey polycarbonate suitcase Carl Friedrick Travel (4)

It is a fantastic size to check-in. Very easy to push around. I like how it matches some of the decors here in Venice.

Personalised Tags

This option makes it very personal when receiving the suitcase. I like the silver lettering and makes sure my luggage is clear to get when the porter collects it for me. I love leather and how it looks and feels. It’s the attention to detail within this Check In luggage that makes it worth buying,

The Check-in Large grey polycarbonate suitcase Carl Friedrick Travel (4)


Carl Friedrick has designed the luggage to make my journey better, my load is lighter, and my wheel life simpler. Especially in Venice, the wheels were put to a robust beating. Climbing bridges, walking on all sorts of pebble pathing. To wheeling it in style here into this palazzo hotel. When buying expensive suitcases you want it to last without compromising their style.

The Check-in Large grey polycarbonate suitcase Carl Friedrick

Carry On Collection

I would opt for all the collection as when it is all together it looks amazing and stand out. This luggage is well suited for both men and women. With how I dress in my knitwear and lioness belt weighing in a whopping 5kg, my luggage has to as light as possible and stylish too. The grey goes with many colours and is suited for business, weddings and any type of travelling at airports.

In Venice, you can travel to the airport by boat so when coming into Venice make sure you look stylish. The boats pull up to the pier of hotels. So you’re walking the runway in style.

Carl Friedrick Carry On luggage

Grand Canal Riva Boat

It is easy to also grab and put it in a Riva boat. The leather trimming matches the design of the classic wooden Italian boat.

Carl Friedrick check in luggage

When visiting Italy or any destination; luggage is all about showcasing your travel fashion, performance, functionality and style.

Carl Friedrick check in luggage

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