From Skirts To Skins: 2021’s Next Men’s Style Trend Is Getting Us Hot Under The Collar

After a fairly subdued couple of months (hell, years at this stage) thanks to The Spicy Cough, it seems that we’re finally getting back into the swing of things when it comes to big arts and culture events – overseas, at least.

The return of the red carpet has also seen celebrities return to form when it comes to their fashion exploits. In the last two weeks alone we’ve had the Venice International Film Festival, the Met Gala, the MTV VMAs and New York Fashion Week, which have all seen some truly eye-catching celebrity outfits.

One trend has really stood out in particular – men wearing skirts and dresses – but that’s not the only male fashion trend we’ve seen emerge in recent weeks. Somewhat under the radar but no less radical, there seems to be this whole thing with male celebs wearing leather jackets without a shirt.

Some of the celebs caught endorsing this look include rising Australian hip-hop star The Kid Laroi, Shawn Mendes and Machine Gun Kelly… Is this just a new ‘rock and roll’ sorta thing, or is there something in it?

The Kid Laroi at the VMAs, and Machine Gun Kelly performing. Images: Getty / Pinterest

Of course, there’s a long and proud history of male musicians taking their tarps off as part of their signature look. Iggy Pop’s been doing it since the 70s (he still does it, despite the fact he’s pushing 80 – mad respect). Other shirt-phobic performers have included Billy Idol, Anthony Kiedis, Sid Vicious, Morrissey and 2Pac.

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We don’t see this trend really taking off Down Under, however, especially as we’re moving into warmer weather. A leather jacket is sticky enough when you’re wearing a shirt but on bare skin? That’s madness.

Imagine Peter Garrett dancing around on stage wearing nothing but some jeans and a Schott motorcycle jacket…

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