Italian Luxury Brand Creates One Of A Kind Floating Skatepark In Venice

Venice is the place to be right now.

The who’s who of the entertainment industry are in town for the 78th Annual Venice International Film Festival, the weather is exceptionally sunny and pleasant, COVID’s on the decline… Oh, and there’s a giant floating skatepark in the middle of the lagoon.

That’s right – the centuries-old historical marvel that is the City of Masks is now rocking a new, younger face, thanks to the enterprising efforts of the Italian fashion disruptor Golden Goose. The in-demand luxury footwear label, in collaboration with American Olympic bronze medallist Cory Juneau and cult Italian skateboarding shop Bastard, has built a full-size wooden skate bowl on a pontoon, which they’ve floated out into the Canal Grande.

See the Golden Goose floating skatepark in action


It’s a truly amazing project, which brilliantly juxtaposes Venice’s cultured, historic character with the youthfulness of modern skate culture. It’s yet another example of the growing interrelation between the worlds of luxury fashion and skateboarding.

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Golden Goose made waves earlier this year when they revealed Juneau as their first endorsed athlete, the 22-year-old competing at the Tokyo Olympics with his own signature pair of $600 Golden Goose skate sneakers on his feet. This skatepark project is the culmination of a broader collaboration between Juneau and the brand titled ‘Venice to Venice‘ – referencing Venice Beach, the Californian skating mecca where Juneau cut his teeth.

It’s not clear whether the floating skatepark will be a permanent installation that members of the Venetian skating public will be able to use, or whether the bowl will find a new home somewhere on dry ground. Regardless, it’s a very fun activation that makes us wish we were in La Serenissima pronto. Will Emirates let you check a skateboard in first class?

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