Pancakeswap Introduces ‘Pancake Mayor’ in New Gamefi Venture

Pancakeswap, the crypto exchange and decentralized finance (defi) platform, is stepping into the world of game finance (gamefi) by introducing its own gaming marketplace. The marketplace is spearheaded by “Pancake Mayor,” a city-building simulation game developed by Binaryx.

Pancakeswap Expands Into Gaming, Debuts ‘Pancake Mayor’

The defi platform Pancakeswap has announced the launch of its new gamefi marketplace and its first game. The game, described by the decentralized exchange (dex) protocol team, offers a deep dive into city-building simulations, where players use the in-game currency dubbed “Mayor Cash” to build and upgrade cities.

The game has 250 levels across 50 cities, each with five difficulty levels. Players face the challenge of upgrading five buildings in each city, with four upgrade levels per building. The DEX platform’s CAKE crypto asset will be part of the game as well, and players can use CAKE to purchase Mayor Cash.

Pancakeswap said that integrating CAKE ties the game closely to the Pancakeswap ecosystem, offering players additional ways to engage with their crypto assets. In the game, players earn and utilize Mayor Cash, and they acquire it by completing activities like events or various challenges.

Pancakeswap and Binaryx also added non-fungible token (NFT) technology into the mix, and players can leverage the NFTs for in-game avatars. The announcement further details that Pancake Mayor will also feature solo and team events and tournaments where players raid other cities. CAKE jumped 6% after the announcement on Wednesday, and the dex protocol’s native token has risen 129% in the past month.

Binaryx, a game software company, specializes in IGO (Initial Game Offering) services, and is the developer behind the games “Cyberdragon” and “Cyberchess.” These games operate on the BNB blockchain, and Binaryx has its own native cryptocurrency, also named binaryx with the ticker symbol BNX. Currently, the startup is engaged in developing a space simulation game titled “Project Matthew.” Initially, Binaryx emerged as a platform dedicated to decentralized derivative trading.

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