Pantera CEO Foresees Spot Bitcoin ETF Breaking ‘Buy the Rumor, Sell the News’ Cycle

Pantera CEO Foresees Spot Bitcoin ETF Breaking 'Buy the Rumor, Sell the News' Cycle

For many advocates, the green light for a spot bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund) signifies a pivotal moment in the progression of digital assets. Pantera Capital’s Dan Moorehead views this evolution not merely as another chapter in the crypto narrative, but as a transformative leap in the recognition and accessibility of bitcoin for investors. As the financial community eagerly awaits this shift, Moorehead’s recent investor letter illuminates the potential for bitcoin ETFs to alter perceptions toward digital currencies.

Pantera CEO Dan Moorehead Says ‘Buy the Rumor, Buy the News’

Dan Moorehead, founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, anchors his letter on spot bitcoin ETFs in the classic Wall Street maxim, “Buy the rumor, sell the news.” This saying implies that by the time significant events come to fruition, their effects are already priced into the market, limiting further gains. Yet, Moorehead contends that the introduction of a spot bitcoin ETF could disrupt this pattern, presenting a novel investment avenue in the blockchain realm.

In the crypto sector, major regulatory developments have typically mirrored this expected trajectory. Moorehead observes that events like the CME futures launch and Coinbase’s initial public offering (IPO) were characterized by initial surges and subsequent sharp declines. Nonetheless, he anticipates that the potential approval of spot bitcoin ETFs will break away from this norm, marking a new chapter in the market behavior of BTC.

Highlighting the game-changing nature of spot bitcoin ETFs, Moorehead likens their effect to the past inclusion of commodities and emerging markets into mainstream investment portfolios. He underscores the necessity of a spot bitcoin ETF for digital assets to gain recognition as a genuine asset class. In his latest investor letter, Moorehead asserts:

Once an ETF exists, if you don’t have exposure, you’re effectively short.

Moorehead draws a comparison to the debut of gold ETFs, proposing that a spot bitcoin ETF will greatly streamline investing in digital currencies. He predicts a similar effect of legitimization and increased demand, akin to the boost in gold investments following the introduction of its ETF. Conversely, there’s longstanding speculation that gold ETFs have dampened the value of the metal, a concern shared by bitcoin enthusiasts for the leading cryptocurrency.

Moorehead’s insight reveals his conviction that this event will differ from previous experiences in the sector. He concludes, “The change in who owned Coinbase stock did nothing to increase access to bitcoin. This is different. A Blackrock ETF fundamentally changes access to bitcoin. It will have a huge (positive) impact.”

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