Pregnant in Gaza: Cold and hungry displaced mother of four asks for help

A displaced mother of four in war-torn Gaza lives in cold tent, can't afford medication, food, or clothing for her family; stays to protect children. Anas Kamal, who is pregnant with her fifth child, is struggling to survive in a plastic tent with her children amidst fierce cold and hunger. Her home was destroyed in the war, and she has no source of income to afford basic necessities. Anas is diabetic and has high blood pressure but is unable to get her medications due to the ongoing conflict. She is living in extremely difficult conditions and is exposed to smoke and cold weather, which is harmful to her and her unborn child. Anas is helpless, and her children are starving as they have no food to eat. She is relying on God's mercy to survive and is hoping for the generosity of kind-hearted people to help her and her family in this challenging time. Subscribe to our channel
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