Proto101 – The Best Tanks & Tees for Summer and Traveling

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It’s summer and it’s hot. You left your house two hours ago for what was meant to be an hour’s worth of errands, but it’s turning into three. Anxiety and frustration build as you’re now dangerously close to missing yet another workout session, which would cause enough guilt for you to cancel getting drinks with friends. Plus, let’s face it, you dressed for grocery shopping – not yoga, and definitely not for socializing with friends. Might as well go home defeated…

We’ve all been there. Fashion can dictate our day, and it will. But what if I told you that you can prevent this from happening by simply adjusting your wardrobe? No, this isn’t clickbait. It’s honestly that easy, as Proto101 has made it so.  Buy your new favourite shirts here at

Proto101’s phenomenal t-shirts bridge the gap between active and casual wear, so all you need is one shirt to get you through a day’s worth of activities and obstacles all without compromising quality, performance, design or fit.

Now that I got your attention, let’s dive into the game-changing benefits and design features that the brand has incredibly engineered for its customers…


Quality Convenience and Comfort

As the name suggests, Proto101 strives to keep things simple, offering quality t-shirts and tank tops that come in a palette of rich, neutral colours that are guaranteed to match everything in your wardrobe. Drawing from experience and many different body types, Proto101 designs clothes that fit your style and your life by offering three distinct fits and styles for their tees and tanks, giving options that fit you – something that no other brand offers.

The Classic cut fits tailored to the body, hitting the sweet spot between too slim and too loose. With added length in the body, this shirt will always be the perfect fit tucked, or untucked.

 The Relaxed cut has a drop curved hem, offering a relaxed fit with room in the chest and body for a casual look and feel.

 Everyone loves an oversized tee. Proto101’s most comfortable option, the Oversized cut comes with a drop shoulder, longer sleeve length, and a big chest pocket with a welt flap so to keep your cards easily handy and tucked away. 

Unmatched Versatility

Whether you’re working-from-anywhere, hiking, hanging out with friends, or lounging on the couch, Proto101 offers a t-shirt or tank to withstand it all while keeping you in style.

The quality materials developed by the founders allow their tees and tanks to quickly wick away sweat from the body, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable throughout warm summer days, giving you the peace of mind to stay out all day and night without having to change outfits. Furthermore, the brand’s innovative fabrics have built-in performance features that allow you to get away with wearing your shirts for a few days without having to wash them…

 As if that’s not a whole lot more from a t-shirt than anyone could ever ask for, these tees and tanks also offer UPF 50 excellent sun protection. Unreal…

Uncompromised Quality

With over 50 years of high-quality fashion and sustainability experience amongst the three founders, Proto101 has been able to create the ultimate every day, EveryWEAR t-shirts. Their fabrics are researched, designed, and tested for comfort, quality, and everyday performance using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The team then uses the highest quality fabrics, such as Supima cotton and Tencel, to create t-shirts that are soft, smooth, resilient, and long-lasting.  


It’s no surprise that such an incredible product comes from incredible people. Before Proto101 was even in the prototype phase, the founders came to the solemn understanding that very few brands were creating sustainable, eco-responsible, high quality, expertly designed, affordable fashion – these are the principles upon which they founded their brand and company.

Since the launch of Proto101, the founders have taken several impressive sustainability initiatives to impact change in the fashion industry. From planting 50,000 trees in 2021, to using compostable, biodegradable packaging made from 100% recycled materials to ship their products, to using only the finest quality materials that reduce water usage, pesticides, and microplastics, and certifying their fabrics to be free from harmful chemicals, it’s safe to say that Proto101 is doing their part (plus some!) to fight climate change and do good.

Bottom Line

It’s safe to say that as far as quality, comfort, and simplicity go when choosing the perfect tee or tank for summer, Proto101 is setting the bar for all other brands.

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