Roger Federer – Great Men Do Cry

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Last night I stayed up and watched Roger Federer the legendary tennis player of all time play his last match at Laver Cup. The tears began as he farewelled his follow rivalries over the years. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokvic. These three men have given us the best tennis games in history. As his interview went on with Jim Courier, the crying went into sobbing. Not only by roger himself but his teammate for the game Rafael Nadal.

The more questions that Jim asked the more crying and emotions were displayed for the world to see.

It’s rare to see grown men cry. It’s deemed even not to be done by media in the past. But today has shown it’s heroes like Roger that allow future men to cry in public with no shame. Roger and Rafael displayed that love conquers over war.

This is about two men who brought out the best of each other in tennis and that love always wins and humanity against rivals is a rare sight these days.

Unheard of today.


As a woman watching this last night. I adore men who show real emotions in sports. Sponsored brands have a lot to answer for when it comes to suppressing men’s emotions during competition.

The Question That Led Roger into Uncontrollable Sobbing

When Jim asked about his support over the years from his family and his wife Mirka.

Glancing at Mirka, he said:

She could have stopped me a long, long time ago, but you didn’t. She kept me going and allowed me to play. Thank you

Roger Federer Mirka his wife

The utter respect he has for his wife was so publicly acknowledged. His salute to her is an acknowledgement of a husband.

he gave an excellent example that,

Behind every great man is a woman.

He also called out another powerful influence in his life and that was his mother. He acknowledged that it was his mum who got him into tennis. So many mothers get unnoticed regarding being the force behind their kids’ success.

Roger in front of millions watching gave the best example to any man watching. His success was partly due to two women, his mum and is wife.

Rafael Nadal A True Sportsman

If I could not think the tears could flow no more. it was when Roger’s oldest rival Rafael, sobbed beside him. Nadal was not afraid to show his heartbreaking sorrow of seeing the greatest tennis player of all time retire.  And just like that, both men were sobbing away uncontrollably. This is very common among European men they are not afraid to even hang out in public let alone give a kiss of saying goodbye.

This was a true example of friendship and honour amongst all the players. I can’t help thinking with all of Nadal’s injuries that Rogers’retirement, triggered will be what Rafael has to face sometime very soon. Being a first-time dad soon will also challenge him to think about a new life outside of tennis.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

Brave Heart Tears

With 17,500 fans watching and not a dry eye in the place this is an exciting era for Roger. There was so much love in the arena even from Andy Murry who is not open or confident to show his emotions in public.

The true Brave Heart was how Roger embraced his final moments and made sure he was not walking out of the arena anytime soon. At 2:30 am in morning for me and many others. I was wide awake allowing my tears all over my face. My husband walked off wiping his tears, he was such a Roger and Rafa fan.

Roger will be part of tennis in a new and different light. We need him to mentor our future tennis players who will be inspired that showing emotions in sports in public means you are truly courageous and tough.

We love You, Roger!

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