Starbucks India Scandal – The Real Reason Companies are Going WOKE

Indians are boycotting Starbucks after the company released a new ad normalizing the woke agenda. They sell overpriced coffee produced from cheap labor—what is Starbucks trying to achieve here? The marketing department for Starbucks India certainly heard about the Bud Light scandal that ruined the brand. People across India are stating that they do not want the Western woke agenda to infiltrate their culture built on tradition. But, there is a reason companies are trashing their brands to adhere to the woke agenda. Follow the money!

As I have stated many times, transexuals compose a tiny fraction of the population, but the woke agenda aims to normalize a genderless world. India is a conservative country that has yet to recognize same-sex marriages. This is a step back for gay people who are simply trying to live their lives without pushing their lifestyle on the population at large. #BoycottStarbucks began trending on Indian social media shortly after the ad was released. Why would Starbucks, a company with unlimited marketing resources, promote such a tone-deaf ad?

The real issue here is the CEI score—a new credit score based on a company’s woke rating. The CEI (Corporate Equality Index) was created by the HRC (Human Rights Campaign), a massive international political lobbying group that pushes the woke agenda aggressively. Lobbyists from the HRC routinely visit corporations to ensure they are implementing the woke agenda. They provide strict guidelines and demands for companies to follow to receive a high CEI score. If a company receives a low CEI score, the woke investor funds immediately pull their funding. They will send activists to protest the company and begin counter-ad campaigns to hurt the company’s image. Anyone who does business with that company is also condemned for supporting intolerance and hate. Companies and all their associates are blacklisted from leftist funding if they do not do as they are told by the man pulling the strings.

Who funds the HRC? None other than George Soros and his Open Society Foundation! This arbitrary credit rating has no relevance other than appeasing the elites wishing to destroy society from within so they can Build Back Better. They want us to lose our basic identities as men and women because they see us all as pawns. The masses would be easier to control if all the men were feminized. The CEI is not as well known as the ESG, which rates a company’s adherence to the climate change agenda. Will companies continue isolating their audience to achieve this imaginary CEI score? Time will tell.

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