Student Coin Terminal Will Let You Easily Create Your Own Token for Free

The STC Terminal will be launched by the end of July 2021 and will be a major milestone in the wide-scale tokenization of the economy. It will make issuing a token accessible to everyone, including individuals, organizations, corporations, startups and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects.

What Is the Student Coin Terminal?

Student Coin is a platform that allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal, corporate, NFT, and DeFi tokens. The ecosystem is powered by its STC native cryptocurrency and consists of several services including the STC Wallet, the STC Exchange, the STC App and the STC Terminal. The the wallet is a powerful online tool, with more than 270,000 users, which offers STC Staking – so token holders can earn up to 13% APY. The app allows mobile users to store tokens, vote and interact with the ecosystem, and it has been downloaded more than 140,000 from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

A demo for the exchange is already available (here) and the official launch is scheduled for Q3 2021, same as the STC Terminal. The terminal is at the heart of the ecosystem, as it will allow the creation of new tokens by users. It is designed to offer a very easy way to create a new token so that everyone can use it without much technical knowledge. All you have to do to create a new token is to select the type of coin you want, from personal token with no KYC to a crowdfunding token with level 3 KYC, add details such as name and number of tokens, select the type of utilities you want and apply, all from simple menus in the terminal. Additionally, the service is going to be free of charge so there will be no barriers for entry.

Beyond its ease of use, the terminal will be a great tool for projects seeking crowdfunding. This is because after creating a token they will be able to integrate it with the STC Ecosystem such as listing it on STC Exchange or adding it to the STC Wallet. Once the terminal be launched in a few months $SMT – Smart Marketing Token – will be the first listed token on it, and not long after that STC will enable everyone to create and list their own tokens there. Token creators with Smart Marketing Token will be able to promote their tokens around the cryptocurrency world.

The ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, STC, will serve as the reference currency for all tokens created on the terminal. The coin is listed on several exchanges like KuCoin, Uniswap, and Exchange, but the easiest way to purchase STC is on the project’s website ( – there you can buy STC with crypto or using a credit card.

This project is a model of transparency, making the development process and all the people working on it open to the public. The team behind Student Coin consists of 44 people from 12 countries and its Advisory Board includes PhDs, university professors, and entrepreneurs. The Student Coin Telegram group has over 28,000 members and they host AMA sessions every week with STC team members. Wojciech Podobas, the CEO and Founder of Student Coin, recently went on the Podcast:


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