Terrorists Mock America While Crossing the Border

The argument that people crossing the US border, illegally, are simply dreamers searching for a better life is null and void. They can abide by US law and go through the immigration process, a process that was standard until Biden took office. There is an increasing number of KNOWN TERRORISTS entering the US, but Washington wants you to believe it is not a threat to national security.

A video has been circulating of a migrant walking across the border, taunting reporters with vague threats of terrorism. “If you are smart enough you would know who I am. But you are really not smart enough to know who I am,” the man stated, later saying, “But soon you’re going to know who I am. Very easy. Believe me, I am much bigger than that … You will see.” The man was not detained.

Terrorist Cells

This is far from an isolated incident. In 2023, U.S. Customs and Border Protection caught 169 people trying to cross the border who are on the terrorist watchlist. Again, we must remember that the number of illegals reported are those who were processed or caught trespassing. The majority of bad actors are completely unaccounted.

As of October 2023, 35,433 people with outstanding warrants or criminal convictions were caught trying to flee their country to avoid prosecution. This includes nearly 600 gang members, again, only the gang members who were not swift enough to avoid detention.

Worse, Border Patrol and Air and Marine Operations seized 27,293 pounds of fentanyl at the US-Mexico border. They estimate that this is enough fentanyl to kill off over 6 billion people. Fentanyl overdoses have quadrupled in the US in the past five years.


Some may recall how the mainstream media declared that it was a conspiracy that terrorists were infiltrating America. They went as far as to say that being on the watchlist did not mean that someone was dangerous or involved in terrorism. As CNN reported in March 2021:

“Facts First: There’s no evidence of a sudden rush of individuals on the terror watch list showing up at the southern border. The information that is available is vague and leaves many questions unanswered. That said, it’s entirely false to imply a small number of individuals on the terror watch list coming to the southern border is a new phenomenon. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that being on the FBI’s terror watch list does not mean someone is a terrorist or has proven ties to terrorists.”


Trump warned us after the attack on Israel that Hamas terrorists were crossing into America. Again, every news agency said that there were no evidence for his claims. Every attempt to warn the public that the US has been invaded is dismissed as a MAGA conspiracy theory.

The establishment, through the media, was buying these men time to enter the country without the masses becoming suspicious. Countless KNOWN TERRORISTS and violent criminals are within the US. What are they doing here?

It would come as no surprise if these men were awaiting next orders from a global organization seeking to dethrone America as the world’s leading superpower. We have been warned.


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