The Palestine Exception: The crackdown on Palestine advocacy on US campuses| Fault Lines Documentary

Fault Lines investigates what the crackdown on Palestine advocacy means for academic freedom in the United States. Doxxing. Blacklists. Terminations. Investigations. Hate mail and death threats. And accusations of anti-Semitism and material support for terrorism. These are some of the ways in which pro-Israel advocacy groups have tried to silence and intimidate pro-Palestinian voices in the US for years. But since October 7, these kinds of attacks have intensified. Constitutional rights advocates have called this a McCarthy-era moment for speech, suppression, and university campuses are on the front lines. Subscribe to our channel Follow us on Twitter Find us on Facebook Check our website: Check out our Instagram page: Download AJE Mobile App: Credits:
Producer: Amina Waheed
Senior Correspondent: Josh Rushing
Directors of Photography: Shane Alcock and Jeremy Raff
Editor: Warwick Meade
Executive Producer: Laila Al-Arian
Additional Production: Jeremy Young
Additional Camera: Joel Van Haren
Sound Recordist: Orion Gordon
Sound Mix: Linus Bergman
Fact-checking: Abdulai Bah
Legal: Eithar Abu Taha
Digital Producer: Riham Mansour
Production Management: Anabelle Rojas and Karan Chaudhary Interns: Lina Chaouk and Drew Shaw
Thank you: Jonathan Brown, James Bamford, Tariq Habash, Rafi Mustafa, Mariam Osman #documentary #US #palestine #israel @AljazeeraEnglish #Aljazeeraenglish #News
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