The Queen of the Neocons


Why is the world fighting over Ukraine?

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The full leaked conversation between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt can be found here. There is a reason I have called Victoria Nuland the “queen of the neocons” due to her insistence on warfare against Russia that has been at the forefront of her entire career. The plot behind Ukraine is far deeper than anyone is willing to talk about publically. The leaked phone calls between Nuland and Pyatt show that there was a plot to wage war long before Russia crossed into Ukraine. All they needed was an “atta’ boy” puppet to sign his stamp of approval, and Biden was already knee-deep in suspicious business dealings in Ukraine.

Victoria Nuland is of Ukrainian Jewish descent. Her family changed their name to try to hide their Jewish ethnic background. She really would be Nudelman, not Nuland. She is the daughter of Yale bioethics and medicine professor Sherwin B. Nuland, who changed his surname from Nudelman to Nuland. She retained her family name Nuland to perhaps further hide her Jewish connection by marrying Robert Kagan.

Her husband, Robert Kagan, authored the “Real Iraq Study Group” report for the American Enterprise Institute. This was the Neocon view of regime change. Kagan was said to have convinced President George W. Bush to order the “surge” plan, which changed the course of the Iraq War. It was Kagan who co-founded the neoconservative think tank in 1997, which was known as the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) with fellow Neocon William Kristol. Kagan strongly advocated starting a war with every nation that the US has even the slightest issue with such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran.

When Ukraine failed to quiet the masses who opposed their installed government in 2014, the US threatened Ukraine with sanctions. The EU did not want to be involved, leading Nuland to make the statement: “Fuck the EU.” She was hell-bent on carefully placing all the pawns in the correct order for the war we are witnessing nearly 10 years later. Everyone says that the EU has more to lose from “Russian aggression” than the US, but the US neocons were the first to instigate the situation.

Here is a video from seven years ago where Nuland testifies before Senate that the Russian oligarchs are attempting to infiltrate Ukraine:

She highlights “rights for the Donbas” knowing that the entire Minsk Agreement was a lie, as Angela Merkel later admitted upon leaving office. There would be no war if not for these bloodthirsty warmongers, who are now ready to harvest the bounty of war from the seeds they planted many years ago.

This topic is pervasive and too long for a blog post. So why is the globe entering the next world war? How did this all begin? The corruption is more profound than you could imagine. I explain all this and more in my new book, “The Plot to Seize Russia.” This is the second edition and goes into further depth than the book provided to World Economic Conference attendees. Paper and labor shortages have led to a delay from our publisher, but the book should be available soon. I will make an announcement once it is available for purchase at all major retailers.

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