What $375 Million Buys You In New York’s Most Exclusive Building

Thanks to hit shows like Succession and Billions, we’ve all seen snippets of the superrich’s jaw-dropping properties. Rarely, however, do you get to take a close-up look at what nearly half a billion dollars can buy in one of the world’s most exclusive buildings…

With the recent news of a historic seaside Sydney property selling for a pretty impressive $50 million and last week’s biggest flex coming in the form of a $3 million McLaren being craned into a $39 Million Melbourne penthouse, it’s safe to say that we’ve got some pretty luxurious properties on offer here in Australia.

All of that, however, is thrown into pretty sharp relief when you compare it with the top-end offerings of the most expensive city in the world: New York. The longtime home of the megarich and uber-cool, property prices in the Big Apple continue to skyrocket despite a less-than-perky global market.

Sitting quite literally at the summit of the city’s property portfolio is the world’s tallest and, arguably, most exclusive residential building: Central Park Tower. This week, one real estate fanatic has taken to social media to give us a grand tour of the building’s mind-blowing penthouse.

WATCH: See what you actually get for your money.

Costing a staggering $250 million USD ($375 Million AUD), the property comes equipped with a double-height ballroom that can hold three-hundred people, a grand saloon, an observatory, a luxe bathroom, and an outdoor terrace with unparalleled views of the city’s Central Park, Billionaire’s Row, and Chrysler Building.

One room, however, has caught some criticism from commenters. The kitchen – which comes equipped with a gimmicky but enticing “knock knock dishwasher” – was a little small for the liking of some:

“$250 million and THAT was the kitchen?!”


Though the very presence of such expensive real estate, especially in a time where the cost-of-living crisis bites for so many, always stirs up complicated feelings, there’s no denying that this property really is one of a kind.

So, if you’ve got half a billion lying around, give this guy a ring… and remind him to PayPal me my commission for the recommendation.

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