‘Whitsundays Like’ Spot 1 Hour 45 Minutes From Sydney Sends TikTok Wild

A spot apparently reminiscent of the Whitsunday’s, just one hour and 45 minutes’ drive from Sydney, is sending TikTok users into a frenzy. That spot? We’re calling it ‘brownhaven…’

Everyone likes to think they’ve discovered the Maldives of Australia or NSW’s best Greece alternative. The dramatic overseas comparisons sometimes fizzle when you actually get there though (Bendalong is not the same as Bora Bora). But what about when we compare local with local? TikTok user Nat Explores has just done just that, comparing the NSW south coast’s humble Minamurra River with the mighty Whitsundays.

Does her comparison stack up? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

WATCH: TikTok user Nat Explores compares NSW’s Minamurra River with Queensland’s iconic attraction the Whitsundays

Over on TikTok, the video went as viral as a lightly contagious cold, with 280K people having a splutter. Comedic comments included: “For everyone wondering it’s mount druitt train station,” and “Are you sure you’ve been to the Whitsundays?”

Other remarks included warnings about the wildlife (“watch out for the bull sharks”) and requests not to blow up the spot (“noooo don’t tell everyone”).

“Haha have you even been to the Whitsundays, this isn’t even close.”


Another TikTok user summer up popular sentiment by writing: “tell me you haven’t been to the Whitsundays without telling me… but fr this beach is still beautiful and I’ll have to check it out.”

Minamurra River looking fine. Image Credit: @rhiannonb_dronephotography

Others tagged their friends saying “we’re going there tomorrow.”

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Though, as DMARGE discovered last year, this stretch of coast is its own slice of heaven, with fun surf, wildife and surprisingly adequate Oat Milk Flat Whites, its sand isn’t quite on the eye popping level of the Whitsundays. Still: New South Wellians can dream…

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