Yoga Clothing For Men: 10 Brands To Flex Into 2023

Men’s yoga clothing may seem like a farfetched subject to some, becuase if we’re being honest, traditionally, yoga isn’t the coolest or manliest activity out there. But there are a whole host of benefits you can get from practising yoga, including improved flexibility, posture, strength, sleep quality, focus, cardiovascular health, and reduced stress and anxiety.

These benefits are becoming increasingly important to men and yoga is one of the best ways to get all of them in one swift hit. Plus, yoga is also a great way to meet women… If you’re ready to give yoga a chance – which, frankly, you should – here’s a few things you should know before you start.

When it comes to yoga, you need to look out for clothing that’s comfortable, suitable, and flexible. Flexibility is a requisite across the board for yoga pants, shorts, and tops so make sure they’re roomy enough for you to pull off your death-defying poses (or just downward dog).
The general rule for standard yoga is not too tight, not too loose. For hot yoga, however, the rules change. It’s all about skin-tight gear, singlets, and short tights.
Look for fabrics that are made to be breathable. There are polyester fabrics out there these days that cater to this with their dri-fit technology. Just don’t go with standard polyester as you’ll be sweating bullets and stinking up the yoga studio.
You’re the yogi so colours are open to personal preference. We suggest you don’t go full Richard Simmons in 2019, though.

If you’re ready to start yoga, or just need a yoga clothing refresh, these are the best men’s yoga clothing brands that’ll take your practice to the next level. Namaste.

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