MAID Expansion Temporarily Halted


Canada is delaying the expansion of its MAID (Medical Aid in Dying) program as they cannot find enough doctors willing to kill people who do not have terminal illnesses. Over 13,500 Canadians were legally euthanized in 2022 under MAID. State-sanctioned suicides rose significantly from 2021 (10,064) to 2022, and Health Canada expects the number to skyrocket once the program is expanded. In fact, 4.1% of all deaths in Canada during 2022 were through the MAID program. Suicide is now encouraged by the Canadian health system as they aim to normalize the option for non-terminal ailments.

“Will we evolve into a culture of death as the preferred option for those who suffer from mental illness or will we choose life?” Conservative MP Ed Fast questioned. The expansion scheduled for March 17, 2024, has been temporarily halted as they cannot find enough doctors willing to abandon their Hippocratic oath and become executioners rather than treatment providers. The initial program was aimed at those who were suffering a slow and painful inevitable death, or so it seemed.


(The above chart shows the number of people who changed their minds during the 10-day waiting period)

Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s dad, supported eugenics and population “cleansing.” The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation provided the initial foundation for the practice by highlighting the scientific achievement of genome sequencing and combining it with the potential for “reducing the burden of disease on themselves and on society as a whole.”


The program was always meant to be a form of eugenics, cleansing the undesirable from the world. Rather than focusing merely on race or disability, the program encourages anyone untaxable to die. Too depressed or poor to work? A lethal injection is the Liberal government’s proposed solution. It did not take long for lawmakers to write bills expanding the criteria for MAID. Poverty, for example, is reason enough for a state-sanctioned execution as people are deemed “too poor to live with dignity.” A disturbing poll from 2023 found that one-third of Canadians supported eliminating the homeless population under MAID.

The Trudeau Administration wants to expand this program to include children as well. The same poll found that 24% of Canadians believe that parents should be allowed to kill their terminally ill children without punishment. MAID has been continually expanded to kill off the undesirables, or the “useless eaters,” as Hitler called them.

Jitler Trudeau

Canada’s Special Joint Committee recommended that children should have the ability to enter the MAID program without parental consent. They call these children “mature minors,” and state that children may choose death if there is “reasonably foreseeable” death OR have a “mental disorder is the sole underlying medical condition.” Parents are currently losing custody of their children for not permitting them to transition to a different gender. We may see the day when parents lose their children to a sinister health system that has become a serious threat to society as a whole.

MAID teams have infiltrated hospitals and medical facilities and are encouraging people to choose death. There are countless reports of people being harassed by MAID teams in their darkest hour, repeatedly being asked and encouraged to die. These people are being paid by the government to sell the idea of suicide. It is hard even to consider this method “suicide,” as extremely vulnerable people are being coerced into legal execution.

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