Secret Seat Rest Button Every Traveller Needs To Know

There are a lot of secrets the travel industry doesn’t want you to know (or can’t tell you).

From why Jetstar insist on freezing you alive on overnight flights to whether travel influencers will ever tire of Gandhi quotes, there are a lot of questions that will likely remain unanswered.

But there’s one question you can put to bed pretty quick. In fact, to give you a slightly firmer grasp on reality, allow us to reveal to you, right now, a travel industry secret few people know about.

That secret? A hidden button that most passenger aircraft seats have, which allows you to lift the armrest up. It is located on aisle seats.

The button can be found beneath the armrest, near the hinge. When you press it, the armrest is released and you can move it up in line with the back of your seat, giving you more room to wriggle.

The Sun reports that these release buttons’ original purpose was as a safety measure to allow you to escape more quickly in an emergency (and for crew to help passengers with disabilities to get in and out of their seats).

But there’s no reason you can’t use it to feel a bit more comfortable while up in the air (though you will need to stow it for take-off and landing).

Travel + Leisure also points out another handy use for it, writing: “It’s also a helpful trick to use at the end of your flight when you need more space to stand up and grab your luggage from the overhead bin.”

“Instead of doing that awkward, half-backbend lean to grab your bag from above you, while also trying to avoid touching your neighbor, just put up the armrest and easily get out of your seat.”

The more you know.

Another way to make your flight more comfortable is to get special treatment from the flight attendants. Watch the below video to learn how to make that possible.

Flight attendant Kat Kamalani explains how to get special treatment as a passenger…


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