YouTube Censoring Putin for Disagreeing with Lenin


Putin did an interview where he revealed what he thought about Lenin’s entire Communist movement. He made it very clear that Lenin was NOT a statesman but just a Bolshevik Revolutionary. Putin also revealed his disagreement with the Great Reset, which is following the same mistake of Lenin. This interview has been removed by YouTube. The ONLY possible reason to remove it is that the West is following Marx, and Putin warned that was NOT the correct path for governments to follow. This action by YouTube implies that they are acting in the best interest of a totalitarian form of government and not what the United States enshrined in the Constitution.

They have removed people who talk about COVID or the vaccine. But this is far worse. This reveals that they are on board with a far more significant agenda — the destruction of all our freedom and a new world of totalitarianism. I would NEVER have thought their cancel agenda would go that far. But to remove the video of a head of state because he said Lenin was not a statesman is just unbelievable.


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